FERC Issues Staff Report on Demand Response and Advanced Metering


The Federal Energy Regulatory Commission this week released a staff report on demand response and advanced metering. According to the report:

  • Approximately 38 percent of all meters in the US contain advanced capabilities  (a sizable increase over the <5 percent penetration in 2007), with Texas leading the way at nearly 80 percent;
  • Meters with two-way communication capabilities outnumber meters with one-way capabilities;
  • State and federal agencies continue to promote demand response;
  • Demand response, along with other resources and technologies, is facilitating innovative grid architectures and system operations; and
  • Nationwide, the number of customers enrolled in incentive-based programs increased by nearly 70 percent, to a total of more than 9 million participants.

The FERC Staff Report also itemizes recent demand response-related FERC orders and outlines federal and state demand response initiatives, including:

  • Executive Order 13693: Planning for Federal Sustainability in the Next Decade;
  • The Department of Energy’s Smart Grid Investment Grant consumer behavior studies;
  • Department of Defense conservation, efficiency, electric vehicle, environmental research, and smart grid activities;
  • The General Services Administration’s Sustainable Facilities Tool and green building learning simulation called “Green the Building;”
  • Department of Veterans Affairs’ sustainable design manual;
  • A wide range of activities by California, Hawaii, Idaho, Illinois, Michigan, Minnesota, New York, Pennsylvania, and Rhode Island.
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