New Retail Layouts With EV Charging Deliver a High-Value Customer Experience

The surge in curbside pickup and drive-thru is spurring a major rethinking of how to configure convenience stores and quick serve restaurants to give customers multiple ways to order and pickup food and receive other useful services such as electric vehicle charging, all on the same site.

Public EV charging, which remains hard to find in most areas, is a particularly valuable amenity because it demonstrates the host’s commitment to sustainability while providing customers with a desperately-needed service, especially for drivers who don’t have access to a home charger and rely on convenience charging at work and while shopping.

At a recent presentation to the National Association of Convenience Stores, Joseph Bona and Dan Munford illustrated how global operators are adapting through innovative store designs and site layouts, including by adding complementary services such as EV charging (highlighted below for convenience).

Conceptual plan from Bona Design Lab shows drive-thru-only c-store on site that also includes a walk-up window, EV charging stations and gas pumps.

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