Plug-In Electric Chrysler Pacifica Showcased at Washington Auto Show

IMG_4603Chrysler is showcasing at the Washington Auto Show the new Pacifica plug-in minivan, featuring 84 MPG-e with an available 16.6 kWh battery in addition to top of the line technology, safety, comfort, and convenience. Offering 566-miles of total driving range, many suburban drivers will rarely need to use any gas due to the vehicle’s 33-mile all-electric range.

Chrysler engineers help Pacifica drivers maximize their overall fuel economy by signaling via a green light on the dash whether the vehicle is being driven fuel-efficiently. To solve the challenge of drivers having to choose between various drive modes, the Pacifica’s algorithms decide when to use gasoline versus electricity, so a parent with a bunch of kids in the back can stay focused.

Considering that minivans are so often used for short and fuel-inefficient around-town trips that are characterized by many starts and stops and therefore create a lot of tailpipe emissions per mile, the plug-in hybrid electric Pacifica finally gives families an opportunity to enjoy a very practical and environmentally friendly option.

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