EV Advisors, LLC, led by Michael I. Krauthamer, specializes in:

  • Developing, implementing, and operating commercially-viable cleantech products and services such as transportation electrification, electric vehicle charging, and solar & storage;
  • Advising clients on the electric vehicle charging landscape as well as wholesale and retail power markets; and
  • Advocating before local, state, and federal regulators.

Michael advises innovators in the electric power, automotive, transportation, and media services industries to create profit-maximizing opportunities through strategic relationships and solutions. To accomplish this, Michael provides expert guidance on transformative commercial and regulatory e-mobility solutions, with an emphasis on emerging issues and technologies.

Michael is a senior advisor to the Alliance for Transportation Electrification, an organization which represents a broad and diverse coalition and advocates for accelerated investment in transportation electrification across America.

Michael is also a business development advisor to the clean cities division of the world’s largest communications services group.

Additional clients include vehicle and parts manufacturers, investor-owned public utilities and independent power producers, private equity and management consulting firms, and smart city infrastructure providers.

Michael was an early hire in 2012 at EVgo, the electric vehicle charging division of NRG Energy (NYSE: NRG). NRG Energy is the largest independent power producer in America, and during Michael’s tenure at EVgo the company built (and now owns and operates) the nation’s largest public electric vehicle fast-charging network. At EVgo, Michael was the national policy director and developer of the company’s first expansion market.

Prior to joining EVgo, Michael served as a legal and policy advisor to the Maryland Public Service Commission and the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission.

Michael writes a blog about electric vehicles and clean energy, and is also on LinkedIn and Twitter.

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